ACRALOCK Structural Adhesives are capable of bonding a wide range of materials either to themselves or cross bonded to a dissimilar substrate, with litto to no preparation. Our unique formulations are designed to provide very tough and durable bonds with high shear strenght and elongation properties.
This makes Acralock adhesives the best choice for applications that need to withstand harsh environmental and shock load conditions. The rapid cure nature of these adhesives at room temperature substantially decreases the assembly process time and increase production performance.

ACRALOCK Structural Adhesives:

ACRALOCK Structural Adhesives bond:
Polyesters, Gelcoats, Topcoats, Vinyl Esters, Epoxies, Polyurethanes, Elastomers, Floatglas, Poly DCPD, SMC/BMC, PU - Rim, PA RIM, Nylon, Rubbers, Wood, Concrete, Acrylics, ABS, PVC/FPVC/CPVC, Styrenics, PET, PMMA, Polycarbonate, Coated Floatglas, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Coated Metals, Hot Dipped Galv. Steel, E - Galvanized Metals, Ceramics, Natural Stones and many others...

ACRALOCK Structural Adhesives by Engineered Bonding Solutions, LLC offer a unique MMA based product line with the broadest physical performance range, covering all possible structural bonding applications and provides the best performing, longest lasting bonded assemblies.

ACRALOCK Structural Adhesives can cover the whole structural bonding application range depending on the product family and their basic properties as follows:

These characteristics, combined with outstanding peel resistance, better creep resistance and much higher fatique resistance compared with PUs and Epoxies on most substrates combined with higher chemical, thermal and cataplasma cycle resistance on most metal surfaces, make ACRALOCK Structural Adhesives the best choice for outstanding performing and most durable bonded structural and semistructural assemblies!